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Gourmet Genetics LLP

Gourmet Genetics was established in 2011 to market the range of cherry tomatoes bred by Mark Rowland. The name was chosen to reflect the commitment to innovative breeding for outstanding flavour and quality.

Breeding objectives are focused on the amateur market, where there is a real need for modern, high quality open pollinated varieties. Work to increase the colour range and fruit size is at an advanced stage.

Please note that Gourmet Genetics LLP is a wholesale seed business, and does not supply less than 1000 seeds per variety. Smaller quantities and/or plants may be obtained from these suppliers

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As the tomato breeding program matured, Gourmet Genetics moved into breeding and selecting chillies. Over two hundred cultivars from around the world have been trialled and tasted to find those most suited to the Northern European climate. As with the tomato breeding program, the emphasis has been on outstanding flavour.

The business operates from Laughing Owl Nursery near Spalding, Lincolnshire and continues to build upon its reputation for innovation and excellence.

Gourmet Genetics LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership incorporated in England & Wales.