Capsicum chinense Aribibi Gusano chillies

Aribibi Gusano

A very unusual Capsicum chinense cultivar commonly known as the 'caterpillar chilli' or 'worm chilli'. The elongated wrinkled chillies are creamy white whem ripe, and certainly resemble caterpillrs. The plants make an attractive rounded bush in the open ground, and are very prolific. It also makes an excellent pot plant.

Aribibi Gusano, the caterpillar chilli

The chillies are quite hot with a delicious citrus flavour which goes particularly well with fish or chicken. The chillies have a very small core and only a few small seeds, so are ideal for salsa.

Aribibi Gusano pot plant

For more details about Aribibi Gusano, see the Chilli Guru website.

Seed available Spring 2018