coloured tomatoes

Cherry & Cocktail Tomatoes


  • Fresh tangy flavour
  • Attractive rich bronze
  • Long cropping season
  • Consistent heavy cropper
  • ToBRFV free

Sweet Aperitif AGM

  • Small red cherry
  • High brix
  • High acid
  • Exceptional flavour
  • ToBRFV free

Black Opal

  • Large black cherry
  • Rich flavour
  • Good texture
  • Outstanding for cooking
  • ToBRFV free

Rosella AGM

  • Intense fruity flavour
  • Excellent fresh or cooked
  • Good texture
  • Attractive appearance
  • ToBRFV free

Bite Size AGM

  • Small bright red cherry
  • Very high brix
  • Super sweet variety
  • Excellent flavour
  • ToBRFV free

Ruby Falls

  • Cocktail size fruit
  • Rich flavour and high yield
  • Very neat, compact plants
  • Attractive deep red colour
  • ToBRFV free

Our tomato breeding lines encompass the whole range of tomato colours and sizes, with an overriding emphasis on breeding for flavour. We consider Sweet Aperitif to be possibly the best flavoured cherry tomato available, and certainly the best flavoured tomato bred for the amateur market. Black Opal continues in this tradition by combining the virtues of "black" tomatoes, with improvements in texture and flavour which take it far beyond existing varieties. Garnet maintains our reputation for excellence of flavour in easily grown tomatoes, ideal for the amateur market.

Ruby Falls extends our quest for outstanding flavour into cocktail size tomatoes, and gives high yields on remarkably compact plants.