We have trialled well over 200 chilli cultivars and landraces, selecting for suitability for UK conditions and always seeking the most interesting flavours. Some of these we have re-selected over many years (eg Jalapeño) to produce a distinct and superior strain, others we have incorporated into our breeding program. We think that we now offer the most exciting and varied range of chillies available; a feast for the connoisseur.

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Please Note: All the chillies listed below are fully compliant with all relevant legislation and can legally be sold in the UK.

Capsicum annuum Capsicum baccatum
jalapeno chilli

Gourmet Jalapeño

  • our improved selection
  • excellent habit and yield
  • versatile and tasty

chilli Aji Delight

Aji Delight

  • no heat chilli
  • sweet fruity flavour
  • great in salads

chilli Hot Thai

Hot Thai

  • neat compact plants
  • very ornamental
  • AGM award

chilli Bishops Crown

Bishops Crown

  • strikingly shaped chillies
  • sweet flavour, mild heat
  • crisp texture

Little Bomb chillies

Little Bomb

  • tidy, upright plants
  • cherry bomb type
  • great for stuffing

chilli Havana Gold

Havana Gold

  • rich complex flavour
  • dries easily
  • superb chilli powder

chilli Midas


  • compact and productive
  • thick walled chillies
  • virtually no heat

Madre Vieja chillies

Madre Vieja

  • early & productive
  • excellent fruity flavour
  • compact plants

Orange Tyger chillies

Orange Tyger

  • authentic Thai chilli
  • compact productive plants
  • highly ornamental

Spangles chillies


  • colourful chillies
  • sweet, delicate flavour
  • makes a great sauce

Turkish Pickling Pepper

Turkish Pickling

  • neat, productive plants
  • important commercial variety
  • easy to process

Capsicum chinense
Zimbabwe Black

Zimbabwe Black

  • striking appearance
  • purple flowers & leaves
  • very popular variety

chilli Machu Pichu

Machu Pichu

  • rich, dark flavour
  • good in pots
  • dries well

Interspecific Hybrids Moruga Red chilli

Moruga Red

  • classic superhot chilli
  • Trinidad Scorpion type
  • sweet delicate flavour

Julio chillies


  • chinense x frutescens
  • fruity, smoky flavour
  • very productive

Trinidad Perfume chillies

Trinidad Perfume

  • full habanero flavour
  • virtually no heat
  • for Caribbean dishes

Lancer chillies


  • frutescens x glabriusculum
  • rich smoky flavour
  • excellent pot plant

Wraith chilli


  • extremely early superhot
  • very compact & productive
  • sour citrus flavour



  • baccatum x frutescens
  • mellow heat
  • complex flavour

Capsicum pubescens


  • very early rocoto
  • low, compact growth
  • attractive plant

Please see our guide to the main Capsicum species